Indo – China spat at Galwan valley due to China bitraying treaty and crossing the border led to clash between two countries. Further, now China wants to leave no stones to make India isolated in spite a facing wrath from India and other countries too. The aims is to  woo Bangladesh, by doing this it wants to strength its realtionship.

Already, Nepal already had tasted bitter when on map it was shown its illegal occupancy in India’s territory. India plans to retaliate after 20 soldiers were martyred by hitting the Chinese economy, as it’s population is immense too and boycotting will definitelt result in loss.

Seeking this, China wants to trade with Bangladesh. Earlier Dhaka asked for this amounting to be a not well settled country. China on 16th June already sanctioned it as foreign policy.

Bangladesh foreign office said in a statement that Tariff Commission of the state council of ministry of finance of the People’s Republic of China issued a notice notice dated on 16 June on granting zero treatment to 97% of tariff products of Bangladesh. This will come into effect from 1st July,. According to Asia Pacific Trade Agreemnt, Bangladesh will get benefit on tariff trade fee on on 3,095 products over all.

It is to note that Indo-Bangla ties, though, had taken a setback last year over India’s National Register Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act, both of which generated some unpleasantness in Dhaka.


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