Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has opened the can of worms over nepotism debate in Bollywood, yet again. Payal Rohtagi targets Sushant’s psychiatrist, Mr. Chawda that he has close acquaintance with Bhatt family, he once happened to treat her too for the same problem of depression. Actress reveals that Mr. Chawda is vividly popular who diagnoses all celebrities with the same problem of Bipolar disorder. This is skeptic and this needs to be investigated seriously.

Voicing her opinion she continues that the relationship between Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty is questionable too. Truth needs to be out because the moves are suspicious so their involvement cannot be underlooked.

Media reports even suspects that it may not be suicide. Evidence suggests that Sushnat’s fitness was superb but the sign confirms that he struggled much. Moreover, the marks on the body clearly hints that it’s not just cloth but he was strangled. With two movies coming up to be directed by Rumi Jaffery and Sandeep Singh, it’s nonsense to accept the theory of suicide cause he was very excited about those. Tampering with cameras just a day ago should be watched out.Immense pressure will be faced by police to twist it, Payal adds.

She even bashed Sonam on her views on Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. A day after Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death, Sonam Kapoor tweeted, “Blaming a girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, family, colleagues for someone’s death is ignorant and fu*king mean spirited.” Replying to her tweet, Payal Rohatgi stated that Sonam will never know the pain of an outsider like Sushant, as she’s been handed over everything just because she’s Anil Kapoor’s daughter. Let’s see what future unfolds for the case as it is a case against nepotism.


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