Bihari girl, Jyoti Kumari aka ‘Cycle Girl’  drove 1300 kms approx. carrying her father from Gurgaon to Darbhanga in Bihar.  Amidst caught in crisis due to lockdown, thrown out by landlord, there was no way and finally, she made a decision to drive cycle with her ailing father and did this in eight days.

Though it seemed impossible, tough and needed a lot of courage and determination to undertake the grueling feat. The belief that they can do it, immense patience and tolerance. Wow!! and last she made it.

Cycling Federation of India Chairman Onkar Singh told PTI that if Kumari, passed the trial, she will be selected as a trainee at the state-of-the-art National Cycling Academy at the IGI Stadium complex here.

The academy, under the aegis of Sports Authority of India, is one of the most advanced facilities in Asia and has the recognition of UCI, the world body of the sport. Singh said that Jyoti Kumari would be brought back to New Delhi after lockdown is eased, to test her cycling talent further. Kiran Rijiju stated that she would be accepted as a trainee at National Cycling Academy if proven to show potential.

Even US president Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanaka Trump took it to twitter and marked is as “feat of endurance and love”.

As usual after being covered in media, helped poured in. Former CM of UP and SP leader Akhilesh Yadfinancial announced assistance of Rs 1 lakh followed by Jan Adhikar Party’s Pappu Yadav made of 20,000 and another Rs 11,000 was announced by a Darbhanga official. The local police too promised to offer Rs 5000 and Rs 1100 cash and trophy with a title of “Mithilanchal Ki Virangana”was promise by the Dr. Prabhat Foundation. Inspite of all these cheers, applauds she remains confined and her priority is to pass board examination as of now.


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