The country remained under lockdown for more than 60 days to prevent the spread of corona virus infection. India is now unlocking, but cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly. Meanwhile, there is a discussion on the implementation of lockdown in the country. But is there a need for a lockdown to curb Corona’s case. The governments of Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, most affected by Corona, have made it clear that they are not putting a lockdown. At the same time, experts also believe that lockdown is not a solution to stop the corona virus.

Attending the India Today TV show Newstrack, Director of the Institute of Robotic Surgery, Dr. Arvind Kumar said that as the corona cases increase, so will the needs of health workers, which we do not have sufficient numbers. Neither we have adequate medical facilities nor till now, the vaccine is invented. Besides, all people are not taaking it seriously and thus, will not infect self but will lead to community spread.

Meanwhile, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), an organization of traders, has sent an online survey to the traders body of Delhi. Suggestions have been sought in this whether the markets of Delhi should be closed once again.


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