In the domestic league, there has been a big charge on Indian cricket amid the discussion of match fixing. The Anti Corruption Unit of the ICC (International Cricket Council) says that India has gone far ahead in the matter of fixing and corruption. An officer of the unit said that we are investigating in as many cases. Most of the cases in it are connected to India. In a way, India is becoming a den of fixing and corruption.

According to the report of an English newspaper, Richardson, an officer of the Anti Corruption Unit of the ICC, said that they are currently investigating many cases. In this, about 50 cases are related to India. He said that he can give eight such names to Indian investigative agencies who are trying to trap players by giving them money.

Richardson, however, has not yet named any player. But he said that the player is the last link of this chain. The one who is really connected with this matter sits outside the grounds. He said that after the IPL, bookies are now targeting the domestic league. It is believed that the lack of law for fixing in India is promoting corruption here.

Let us know that in 2013 there was a lot of notoriety due to spot fixing in IPL. At the same time, in the Karnataka Premier League last year many people were charged with fixing, including players as well as team owners. Charge sheet has also been filed against these people for investigation

BCCI’s troubles have increased after these ICC allegations. The BCCI has a dominant influence in the ICC. Now if more cases of fixing are found related to India, then it can become a problem for BCCI. The IPL played every year in India is very popular all over the world. Dozens of players from other countries come to India to play IPL.


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