We in India idolize celebrity unlike God, during corona wherecelebrities were at home, Hardly few celebrities came out, among them one is Sonu Sood who is helping others, he sent approx. 20 thousand migrant labours to their villages, arranged food with help of Vikas and also offered his hotel too. There’s is no doubt that he is doing a noble work, people are appreciating him over social media. During this difficult phase of life lots of people are facing financial problems, eg. Bollywood background dancer Nehal Kanojia is one of them. Nehal asked Sonu Sood for help and he helped, After that Nehal Kanojia send thank you tweet to Sonu Sood.
Nehal applauded and thanked him for his help in this hour of need. The dashing ator who is hero in true sense said that he is just a call away. Such a heart he has. We need many more people like him.


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