Stylish and at the same time experimental too though seldom weird, is what  Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh known for. He is celebrating his 35th birthday today.

When it comes to Ranveer Singh, there’s never a dull moment. His irrepressible energy and his inexhaustible good spirit for everyone around him, makes him own every room he walks in. He started his career as a copywriter before making it big in Bollywood. He graduated from Indiana University where he took theatre as a minor subject. Very few know that he is cousin to Sonam Kapoor. Ranveer rejected three big Bollywood films before signing Band Bajaa Baraat.

Playing versatile role is what he has been lucky from careless lad of Band Baja Bride, Caring Lootera, Royal Bajirao, Passionate Ram Lila, Funky Gullyboy to Furious Khilji Padmavat, he gave his best. Meanwhile, fans have been pouring in wishes for the actor on social media. To sum Ranveer Singh in three words- he’s ‘entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.’


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