On the birthday of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, both parties had their own agaenda, the party planned to fed the poor improving image, while the opponents  attacked them by putting a poster of the list of 73 properties of Lalu Prasad at the Chowk-intersections of Patna. This poster issued by the opponents has been named as ‘Property Names of Lalu Family’, ’73 Property, Series on 73rd Birthday’.

In the poster, it has been claimed to have details of 73 properties of Lalu and his family. The poster specifically states that there is a series of remaining assets that have been divided by political bullying.All types of malpractises were done in his reign to build mammoth wealth.

There has been heated discussion in the capital regarding this poster. Here, RJD and Congress have criticized this poster, calling it a disgusting tactic of politics. RJG spokesman Mrityunjay Tiwari said that such hateful politics was never seen in Bihar. He said that even the planters are putting up posters from the back door, they do not come in front. Without naming JDU, he said that he himself is not giving account of 55 scams. He said that the property of Lalu Prasad is 12 crore people of Bihar and when the time comes, he willlet people know.

At the same time, Lalan Kumar, former president of Youth Congress of Bihar Pradesh, described it as petty politics and said that at such a time, it is the abominable face of politics. He said that political opposition is in its place but this abominable act does not suits on birthday. He said that nothing is hidden from anyone.

The party distributed sweets on Lalu’s birthday, which created ruckus finally.


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