Jamai Shashti, celebrated by Bengalis, a day to woo son-in-law. This festival depicts ‘a beautiful bond’ between  Jamai, “son-in-law’ with his “in-laws’. The festival is observerd on sixth, ‘ shahsti’ of shukla paksh of  jyestha month. The mother-in-law has to carry a thali which contains the durbo (grass), grains and five different fruits. The grains and durbo are sprinkled on the head of her son-in-law to bless him. Then she has to make a mark on his head with curd (phonta) and tie.

In Jamai Shashti, traditionally entire platter is cooked by mother-in-law for her son-in-law. Being Bengali ritual, fish is of course, the star of the menu. Apart from the fish, rice, pooris, luchi, dal, prawn curry, mutton curry, and sweets are served in the thali. He is pampered with gifts too. It makes the family ties strong.









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