Even though China has retreated, but more than 10,000 of its soldiers are posted across LAC. As reaction, the Indian Army is also ready, an additional contingent of ten to twelve thousand soldiers of India stood on the LAC.

Negotiations have moved forward when China steps back on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. Yesterday, the Major General level talks were held for about 4 hours. Talks will continue with China even today, although the level and location of the talks is not yet clear. Yesterday’s conversation result was said to be positive.

So, both are at their part awaiting for orders. Until China do not withdraw its army, the Indian army will not retreat. There are several levels of interaction with China, including the Colonel, Brigadier and Major General. In the talks, there will be talk on LAC to reduce tension on Petroling Point 14, Petroling Point 15 and 17. India has always tried best to keep peace, never been first to attack but counter attack is need if situation demands.


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