Tamil Nadu government has made mandatory to carry Aadhar Card, when you go to salon or parlour. They have also directed that complete information of the clients with their detail profile including name, phone number, address, aadhar card number shall be recorded strictly. The circular was issued by Commissioner of Revenue Administration J Radhakrishnan to District Collectors.

Here are the other conditions laid down for salons, beauty parlours and spas:

  • With a view to maintain physical distancing and to avoid gathering of many customers simultaneously, the salons, beauty parlours and spas should adopt ‘service by appointment’.
  • Of the total number of seats, only 50 percent of the seats should be occupied by the customers with due space between them.  Only a minimum number of customers should be allowed to wait.
  • The blade used for one customer should not be used for another and the used blades should be removed safely. Removed hair, face pack used etc., should be removed safely.
  • Only disposable towels should be used. If the towels and hand bands are used again, they should be used for the second customer only after washing them.
  • Hair straightening machine, hair curling machine, spa stones and heater, slimming equipment, face and hair steamers, laser hair remover, hood face dryers and sanitizers should be cleaned with sanitiser before and after use.
  • Air Condition facilities should not be used and all windows should be opened for ensuring good air circulation.
  • Chairs, handles, tables, handles of doors, mirrors and massage beds and chairs, the beds used for pedicure and facials/spa trolleys, water taps which are used often in salons, beauty parlours and spas should be sanitised five times a day with hypochlorite mixture or Lysol.
  • The salons, beauty parlours and spas should ensure availability of paper napkins for the workers to help them clean their hands and remove them safely.
  • The workers should clean their hands using sanitiser before and after completing their work. They should wear masks and gloves.
  • The owners and workers of the salons, beauty parlours and spas should avoid touching their nose, mouth and eyes often.


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