Mumbai is well known as a dream city for many people and the financial capital of India.
Affected the most from corona crisis since April till date. Being the financial heart, Mumbai has a lot of people travelling in and out of the country which increased the risk of infection.
In state-wise tally, From the very beginning, Maharashtra itself accounts for over 33% COVID-19 cases in India.  Mumbai capital of Maharashtra was hit with 14,947 cases among total 30,706 confirmed cases and 1,135 death in-state account.
Thus, the worst affected by the epidemic comparing to another metros in India.
High rate of population lead to suffer at the end lot with not proper living space.
First reported COVID-19 case emerge from Mumbai’s Dharavi, the biggest slum in Asia reported 1,145 cases. More than 1 million people living in close quarters. People using the same toilet and tap in a community. In these circumstances, obviously, social distancing and hygiene practice is not possible. Meanwhile it turned out to be the most dangerous factor in this outbreak. It took just 30 days to emerge from 1 to 600 cases in Dharavi Alone. More than 30 cops test corona positive in JJ Marg police station. The other front line person health worker is at risk.
Further, Wockhardt hospital from Mumbai sealed after more than 80 staff tested positive. In this same row, Jaslok hospital added 60 cases from it. Nanavati hospital and Bhatiya also recorded cases. People in essential services from the APMC market, One of the biggest vegetable and the food grain supplier’s market comes with more than 100 positive cases.
This had an immense effect on basic requirement across Mumbai shut down.
In the few last days, Mumbai recorded more than 14,000 confirmed cases which is even worst than New York City.
Mumbai with many challenges amid lockdown since 1st April. Massively affected with primary services along with community helper. In the highly raised cases, the major challenge is an issue in favour of the hospital and the administration.


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