Hoax news surfaced on Social Media that IAF fighter Jet crossed the LOC and  flew over Karachi on Tuesday night, leading to authorities in Pakistan to blackout  the town. Horrified of the experience of last year when surgical strike was conducted by the Indian Air Force in Balakot on February 26, 2019 there was Blackout in Karanchi .

India did this due to terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed camps inflecting heavy casualties . In reaction,  Pakistan Air Force violated Indian Air space , but were intercepted by IAF. Pakistan lost their modern super-sonic F-18 fighter jet and India lost Mig-21 Bison in the Sky war.

However, the reality was something other. Later on, they found that the jets in question were patrolling Pakistani Air Force (PAF) aircraft, rumour spread cause of the stressed development of Balakot Air Strike’s success. Each had their own speculation  and within minutes, net flooded with diverse opinion.

“It’s not #Indianairforce jets in fact it was #PakistanAirForce jets violating #indian airspace near #Rajasthan border(sic),” said another, still Pakistan Armed Forces are yet to issue an official statement over rumours .



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