‘Bigg Boss 13’, participant Rashmi Desai, well known TV actress speaks her mind on social media. Already differences between her and Siddharta were highlights of the very season. As a result, people start calling her bad and is often trolled on social media due to the anger of the fans. Rashmi Desai has come on the target of fans of Sidnaz for the past few days.

In response, she asked people to refrain from trolling in case they did not have anything so, she  wrote on Twitter that, ‘there should be a limit to troll and make fun of anybody! Maybe you don’t understand or maybe don’t want to know what may affect them in what way. Is this what you’ll want us to see on our feeds.. You Don’t like someone Don’t FUCKING COME ON THEIR PROFILES . ‘

These days celebrities are being trolled. It’s a fashion to do so. Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz, and Shenaaz Gill were the top three contestants of Bigg Boss 13 and were ruthlessly  trolled on social media during the finale of the show. Fans who rooted for a particular contestant mercilessly trolled the other contestants of the show. Although Bigg Boss 13 has come to an end, rivalry amongst fans only continues to grow.


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