No set routine for all . This phenomenon is one for all since Lockdown. Carefree lifestyle is in. Same applies with Amitabh Bachchan who is currently with his family quarantining.

He took his mood to Instagram and wrote, “the ‘no schedule’ syndrome in the pandemic lockdown is now a massive reality .. many think otherwise .. many work despite .. work scheduled hours .. the system change .. and the adjusting to its change is remarkable .. humanity has ability to change and adjust .. that is the glory of the human .. and when it shall emerge from this attempted altered existence , it shall  present fresh methodologies, fresh thoughts , fresh ideas of how to deal with such exigencies in the future.”

“.. the problem is that by the time we get accustomed to one, nature decides to test again and introduces a few more challenges .. and we start all over again .. .. living is such an excitement .. .. a never ending film .. that simply refuses to bring on that THE END title,” Bachchan concluded.


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