Amidst lockdown due to COVID outbreak, there are few social platforms left among which Nteflix has been popular. A new controversy has brewed online over that reference leading to the#BoycottNetflix hashtag. Netflix’s growing catalogue of India original movies includes Anushka Sharma-produced Bulbbul.

The story is a supernatural drama that has received mixed reviews and draws some references from the Hindu mythology to further the storyline. Controversy has erupted because there is a scene wherein people are criticising a particular scene in the movie that attempts to slander a Hindu god and goddess. The Hindi subtitles of the Bengali words in the poem include unsavoury words such asbesharm and haramzadai.

In a short video clip that is going viral on Twitter.Binodini (played by Paoli Dam) seems to be reciting a Bengali poem based onHindu goddess Radha and god Krishna, respectively which has gone rampant. India is a sensitive country in terms of religion, something that the Hindu community considers as a sin. However, now the word has now been edited to natkhat after the backlash. But the word besharm for goddess Radha is still intact in the subtitles. The Bengali poem recited in the scene is Kolonkini Radha, which portrays the distasteful side of Goddess Radha, hence the words. This is just intolerant and thus, it faces roar. India is known for its tolerance but not at the cost of the culture and religion for which it holds pride of. So, this us beyond anything.


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