With mission to inspire creativity and bring joy to all, this very Chinese app. got popularity and recognition. But then, with their own whims and fancies, people started making and posting without any restrictions laid upon. Neither people have control nor Tiktok company in order to spread more, laid restrictions.

So, now TIKTOK promotes?

•Acid attack
•Love Jehad
•Religious conversation
•Rape threats
•Child sex abuse
•Corona carriers

The latest TikTok videos doing the rounds glorifies crimes like rape, vulgarity, abuse, erotic content etc. Countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh and have ban it when government accused it of promulgating “pornography, inappropriate content and blasphemy.”, then, what are we waiting for? Saving Chinese Economy or will be unhappy to lose Lockdown Pastime. Though many people around the world have uninstalled it due to its Chinese origin, its need to ban it.



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