Atif Aslam has been banned by MNS Artists as a rage and has to be grounded in the harsh relations of India Pakistan. Our soldiers were martyred in the Pulwama attack in 2019, given the situation at that time, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena ordered the Indian music companies not to work with Pakistani musicians.

Last Friday, the T series uploaded the song “Kinna Sona” from the YouTube movie sung by Atif Aslam on his YouTube channel. MNS Chitrapat Army Chief Amey Khopkar sent a notice to the T series to remove the song, as well as said that if the song is not removed, then a major action will be taken on the T series. Responding to this, the T series wrote a letter addressing MNS chief Bal Thackeray and said that the song was accidentally uploaded on YouTube by one of his employees, not an employee of Pakistani musicians.

They are very sorry for this and  assure that they will remove the song and Pakistani musicians will not promote the artists on their stage. Similarly after the Uri attack in 2016, Pakistani artists were completely banned in North India.


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