In the name of faith and superstition in the Koderma district, amidst the corona infection, the lockdown and social distancing instructions were fiercely disobeyed. Not only were the rules violated, but to avoid this epidemic, a lot of goats and chickens were sacrificed.

The case is of the Urwa Panchayat of Chandwara police station area, where goats and chickens were sacrificed in the name of Ashadhi puja to protect against the corona epidemic. Hundreds of people gathered at this temple for hours and offered prayers to save the entire village from Corona by sacrificing the unruly chickens and goats they had brought with them while waiting for their turn in the name of faith.

None of the people who came for worship and sacrifice wore masks nor did they follow social distancing. In the midst of the global epidemic, where the gathering of people is completely banned, hundreds of migrant laborers from other states of the country also gathered in this temple, but not all people followed the social distancing.

Panchayat head representative Virendra Paswan defended himself from the matter saying that this tradition is adopted every year and this year the goats have been sacrificed in the name of this tradition.

At the same time, an elder of the village who was involved in the crowd gathered in this temple in the name of superstition, also accepted that this puja has been organized in the wake of protecting from corona infection and two-three days in advance Preparations were being made with Panchayat representatives and worship was also done today.


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